We welcome you to the inaugural edition of the Boulder Beast!

The course features virtually all the favorite sections of prior races as well as a couple of new sections.  The route will be a couple of miles shorter (down to 27 miles or so) but will add a bit more climbing.  You will, however, be rewarded to some new views that make it worthwhile.  Total vertical gain will approach 7,000 feet.

Bald Eagle Mountain and the McElhattan Creek watershed offer something special.  The course is one of the most beautiful in PA, but then adds the dramatic majesty of the "boulder field" and the Rote overlook.  If that were not enough, there is a large variety of landscapes in a relatively small area-so you won't get bored!

After a long hiatus, Woolrich is back in a big way as our primary sponsor.  The main piece of 'swag' for all competitors is a Woolrich fleece jacket in their iconic red and black plaid, AKA "Pennylvania Tuxedo".  The tradition of Troegs Brewery being a major trail race sponsor continues with the Boulder Beast.

We have been successfully collaborating with the event sponsor, the City of Lock Haven and the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  The two entities own virtually all the land you will be traversing.  We have also met with the Clinton County Department of Emergency Services, Lock Haven EMS and the three (Wayne Township, Sugar Valley and Castanea) volunteer fire companies.  We intend to take communications and emergency response to the next level.

If you or your organization would like to volunteer please contact our volunteer Chair, Joanne Heimer at jheimer@comcast.net.


The Boulder Beast is a difficult trail race with very technical terrain.  The climbs and descents are steep.  Even those who are fit need to train for the Boulder Beast (or any similar trail race).  I have talked with a number of volunteers who have manned checkpoints at some of our great races in the region.  It seems like a few people have begun to enter races with the intent to "get to mile x this year" and then drop out.  Please...IF you do not feel that you can do the entire 25 mile course, do NOT enter.  Of course, injuries are one thing.  They happen and that is understandable.  If your goal is to get to a certain landmark, rather than the finish line, please look at entering shorter and less daunting events.


We look forward to having you in Lock Haven this September.


Jeff Stover

Race Director